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清朝光绪年间流通的钱银之一。由两广总督张之洞首要引进英国铸币机器铸造银元和铜元,之后各省纷乱效法。共有十九个省局铸造,除中心户部,当地省所铸铜元,皆在其正面上缘镌写省名。One of the currencies of the Qing Dynasty during the Guangxu period. By the viceroy Zhang Zhidong took the lead in the introduction of British machine casting silver and copper coins, the provinces have to follow after. A total of nineteen Provincial Bureau of Ministry of casting, in addition to the central, local, cast copper, both on the front side edge of recording the name.

光绪元宝是大清光绪年流通大面值钱银之首,是我国第一批引进海外技术的印发流通钱银,关于现在也蕴藏了必定前史含义。金是自先秦时代即发生的传统金属装修工艺,是一种传统的做法,称火镀金或汞镀金。此件《镀金四川省造光绪元宝》选用的则是汞镀金工艺[1]量稀缺度是非常稀少,其工艺亦可以称为鎏金。质地淳厚有实感,保藏价值附带着特其他前史含义。Guangxu Yuanbao is the top of the circulation of large value currency in the Qing Dynasty. It is the first batch of imported currency issued by overseas technology in China. It also has a certain historical significance for today. Gold is a traditional metal decoration process produced in the pre Qin period. It is a traditional method, which is called gold plating or gold plating. This "gold in Sichuan province made" Kuang Hsu yuan is the use of mercury gold plating [1] scarcity degree is very scarce, the process can also be called gold. The texture is thick and solid, and the collection value is attached to the special historical significance.

所谓物以稀为贵,钱币保藏更是如此,况且一些钱币本就前史久远,所以更易遭到外界条件的影响和损坏。钱币保藏因其原料不同,保管方法天然也不同。钱币的保藏,应该按时代、类别分类保管,因为质地不同,关于温度、湿度等要求也不一样。可以用抽屉式的钱柜分类入藏,也可以用不同的钱币册,或用板块式的钱币匣,分別入藏。入藏之前,应经过单调处理,切忌汗手接触,钱币柜,匣、册,应放置在单调无光的当地,防止湿润生锈。纸币则还要防止油渍等的污染,留心防霉、防蛀,到夏天,每年至少要见一次阳光。The so-called "rare" is expensive, and the coin collection is the same. Besides, some coins have a long history, so it is more vulnerable to the influence and damage of external conditions. Because of the different material, the way of storage is natural and different. The collection of coins should be kept in accordance with the times and categories, because the texture is different and the requirements for temperature and humidity are different. Can use the drawer till the classification of Tibet, also can use different coin books, or coin box plate, respectively, tibet. Before entering the reservoir, it should be treated by drying to avoid sweat hand contact, coin cabinet, casket and book, which should be placed in a dry, light - free place so as not to rust. Note is also to prevent oil pollution, pay attention to mildew, moth, in summer, every year at least to see a sun.

名贵的钱币,都应单枚包装。金银币,质地比较柔软,相互磨擦也会受危害,浮雕最出色的部位是最简略擦伤的,因此金银币最好是单枚包装。名贵的古钱更应该如此。包装要留心通气。贵金属钱币掉到地上,或是碰着巩固的器物,都会磕伤,古钱大都通体锈透。用力过猛亦会构成开裂破碎,关于这类锈蚀严峻的古钱,也要给予特別护理。Precious coins should be packed in a single piece. Gold and silver coins are also soft and rub. The most prominent part of relief is the most easily worn. Therefore, gold and silver coins are best packaged individually. Precious ancient coins should be even more so. Attention should be paid to ventilation in packing. Precious metal coins fell to the ground, or bumped hard objects, will be injured, most of the old coins rust out. Too much force will cause fracture, for this type of serious corrosion of old coins, but also to give special care.

古钱表面一般都构成了保护锈,这种保护锈也叫老锈,锈结巩固,有绿色的、蓝色的、赤色的,可以起到自身保护作用,最好不要损坏。关于锈蚀构成钱文不清的可以用酸醋、硫酸等浸泡,浸泡时应随时翻动、查询,适可而止,然后用清水、软刷洗净擦干。古钱除锈,一般情況下,最好不选用物理方法,否则即便整理出来,品相也遭到损坏。铁钱比铜钱简略氧化,因此对铁钱表层的保护锈,包含传世古色,更应留心保护,否则只会促进它的腐蚀。Ancient coins are generally formed to protect the surface rust, the rust protection, also known as the old rust, rust hard, green, blue, red, can play its protective role, it is best not to damage. Money for the corrosion caused by the text can be ambiguous with vinegar and sulfuric acid soaking, soaking should be kept flipping, observation, not overdo sth. then wash, soft brush, clean and dry. Ancient coins rust, in general, it is best not to use physical means, or even for cleaning out goods are being destroyed. Iron coins than easy oxidation, so the iron surface rust protection money, including those handed down the ancient colors, more attention should be paid to care, otherwise it will promote its corrosion.





Silver for a long time, often bleak ornamental, a small amount of toothpaste available cloth gently scrub brush, not as much as possible. As for the treasures of spring should be stored separately, so as to avoid confounding in the ordinary goods, goods and the common difference of some treasures only in minor. Can a special palette, velvet box or mahogany box frame, plus celebrity inscription, more elegant and precious.

Guangxu twenty-nine years (AD 1903) in July, the Qing government has drawn up the "constitution" ten round rectification method, which proposed by the special silver minting factory, Nanyang and Beiyang reserve (South), Guangdong, Hubei four branch bureau. In the manufacture of silver and gold, many people put forward manufacturing ideas, into twentieth Century, the rise of the discussion on the establishment of standard system, some people advocate Chinese on the gold standard, the gold reserves under the condition of insufficient, may be the gold exchange standard (also known as the "gold standard").

Compared with these years, has set off a boom in the collection industry, south red, emerald Wenwan, coin collection seems to have been tepid, but also firmly occupy a space for one person of their own, have their own supporters. On the other hand, the Internet upsurge of "big silver money" has attracted more and more ordinary people to transfer their investment horizons to the coin collection market.

In this paper, the "silver Qing Xuantong three years (sample currency)" as the money is out of the card machine. The short reign of emperor Xuantong, issued coins less, so this is very precious rare coins. Xuantong three years than the average diameter of the coin, coins in the coin style. The outer ring coin head cast of "silver" banned ", the same position corresponding to English money back. The inner ring is generally positive Xuantong three years, "in the center of the Pearl circle cast silver" four words, both sides are respectively cast with long chrysanthemum decoration, on the edge of Manchu and Chinese "Xuantong three years".



The money back for the middle value of "one circle", from left to right along the edge of Beaulieu Tengyun, "circle" of the word below a dragon, dragon ball following English currency. Since ancient times, flying dragon is the symbol of the imperial power. This coin is designed to explain the supreme power of the imperial power in the Qing Dynasty, and the hierarchy is very prominent.

Love for the domestic collectors of Tibet, this collection of high value coins, are rare, belongs to the coins in the boutique. The diaspora can be found for hundreds of years, and it is very valuable to be preserved. In addition, coins have great value for scientific research and historical textual research. Scientists and historians can learn more about historical knowledge and understand the market background and environment of currency circulation with the help of ancient coins.

众所周知,近代以来,外国侵略者曾对我国文物进行过几回的大规模焚毁和掠取,致使我国存有的许多名贵前史文物得到了极大的损坏,因此,在今日的艺术品保藏商场中,可寻觅的稀有钱币现已变得极为稀有,不少定量出产的钱币乃至现已无迹可寻。As everyone knows, in modern times, foreign invaders had to Chinese cultural relics conducted a large-scale burning and looting several times, resulting in many precious historical relics Chinese have greatly damaged, therefore, in today's art collection market, is looking for the rare coins have become extremely rare, many coins have even limited production untraceable.

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  • [陶瓷] 高古瓷、元明清瓷器、紫砂壶。

  • [字画] 历代名人名家书画、现当代书画。

  • [玉石] 古玉翡翠、田黄、陨石、鸡血石。

  • [杂项] 钱币、佛像、天珠、香炉、铜镜。

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